Frank Bibbiano on the Issues

Enforcing the Law
Throughout my career, I have always and will always FULLY comply with any legal requests from any Federal Immigration Agencies, including ICE. The Illinois Trust Act does not make DuPage County a sanctuary county.

“The Illinois Trust Act does not make Illinois a sanctuary state, because it does not inhibit communication between local law enforcement and ICE, and is therefore in full compliance with federal law.” – Chicago Tribune

“This law strikes the proper balance between the responsibilities of federal authorities and local law enforcement in our communities. We live in a diverse region, a diverse state, and every person living here deserves our protection. We have a special message for immigrants today: We want you to report crimes. We don’t want you to be hesitant to call the police if you need them. That makes you safer, it makes your communities safer.” – Steven Stelter, Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police

Endorsed by Zaruba
When the longest-running Sheriff retires after 44 years of faithful and unblemished service, DuPage County citizens have the serious business of electing a new Sheriff who will keep families and property safe. Citizens deserve a high-quality candidate who has the trifecta of experience, leadership and trust, and I, Undersheriff Frank Bibbiano, am that candidate. I am humbled to be the only candidate “wholeheartedly endorsed” by Sheriff John Zaruba. “Frank Bibbiano has spent his career protecting families and neighborhoods in DuPage County. For almost 19 years, I trusted him to patrol our streets, lead my Office of Professional Standards and partner multi-jurisdictionally as my Undersheriff,” said Zaruba. “I know my family will be safe with Bibbiano as Sheriff.”

Zaruba was the first to publicly support my candidacy for Sheriff. Recently, he was joined by former Attorney General Jim Ryan, Illinois State Senate President James “Pate” Philip, and several respected town mayors. I am honored to have the support of Zaruba, Ryan, and Philip for my campaign. These families are a staple in DuPage County, and they have a vested interest in maintaining the tradition of excellence in law enforcement. In addition to these highly-respected endorsements, I am also the only candidate recognized by the Illinois State Crime Commission and awarded the prestigious 2017 Protector of Children Award. The Commission objectively affirmed my work on collaborating with the Annie LeGere Foundation for deputies to carry lifesaving EpiPens. The award also recognized my work on educating teens on social media safety and curbing our County’s drug and opioid epidemic.

Unlike my opposition, I am not a politician first, and I have not made any promises to secure any endorsements. The role of Sheriff must be objective, not be beholden to anyone. I am a police officer first; a political outsider who brings an extensive history of vision, noted accomplishments and an impeccable record to this race.

Frank Bibbiano at his desk
As Sheriff, I will:
  • partner with municipalities to fight county-wide gang crimes and drug trafficking
  • promote protections and services for seniors, families, and youth
  • collaborate with the County Board to create a responsible and balanced budget
I actively promote law enforcement efforts to fight gang crime and drug trafficking with a three-pronged approach. First, I know from experience as a patrol deputy and detective that gang crimes and drugs are the root of violent crimes. In my work with the Countywide Anti-gang tactical team (A-TAC), I partnered with police chiefs across the County to mobilize a strong team of gang specialists to fight these crimes. In addition to fighting this activity directly, I proactively educate our community. I frequently speak to parents and children at events and community groups about the dangers of heroin, fentanyl and opioids. I oversee the ‘First Step’ program to help parents prevent and address drug use with their children. I support the programs provided by JUST of DuPage that provide drug counseling and substance abuse to inmates in an effort to eliminate addiction. Third, fighting gangs and drugs effectively requires trained deputies to handle these situations. I worked to implement the Critical Incident Training (CIT) program to ensure this valuable training for our men and women in uniform.
As a married father of three children, including a son with Down syndrome, I know how important it is that our youth, families and seniors trust law enforcement. Our citizens have rested safely under Sheriff Zaruba’s watch, and I will continue to promote community services that protect our County. I frequently partner with the S.A.L.T. Council to ensure seniors achieve their safety goals in the community. I have worked with Marionjoy Rehab to bring the Traffic Stop Drills program to the Sheriff’s Office. These exercises educate drivers with special needs, like autism, on appropriate behavior and expectations during a traffic stop. In my spare time, I volunteer for Special Olympics and the Knights of Columbus to support our community.
I am committed to being collaborative and fiscally responsible with the DuPage County Board. Some may say the Sheriff’s Office and the Board have a poor relationship. However, I saw a successful alliance through positive labor negotiations and the in-car camera program. I see an opportunity to strengthen our partnership even further to use taxpayer dollars efficiently. As technology gets cheaper and faster, the Sheriff’s Office can take advantage of smarter policing by integrating appropriate technology. Using predictive analytics software, automatic license plate readers or handheld fingerprint scanners can better equip deputies on patrol. Technology can also improve the safety of deputies and inmates in the County jail, as well as the welfare of the judges and citizens in our courthouse. However, I caution anyone who claims technology as a “cheap, easy solution” for complex, fiscal challenges. With an increase in cyber threats and cyberattacks, I believe the Sheriff’s Office must utilize technology thoughtfully to protect sensitive and private information of our citizens. We need to carefully consider how data will be legally stored and used as evidence in court.

Looking to the future, I am focused on what DuPage County will need from the Sheriff’s Office in five years. As a member of the DuPage Chiefs of Police Association and American Corrections Association, I see patterns across the United States on the changing needs of a County Sheriff’s Office. We need to continue collaborating with local law enforcement agencies to efficiently provide dedicated personnel and resources for major crime task forces countywide. Also, to protect our DuPage citizens, I will aggressively combat the opioid epidemic and address the issues of a growing population of seniors.

I humbly ask for your vote. I have the practical experience and ethical leadership skills to keep DuPage citizens safe while being fiscally responsible. As DuPage County Sheriff, I guarantee to fight for what is right and fight against what is wrong. Instinctively, I do it for the safety and welfare of my own family, and I will do it for yours.

Thank you for your consideration.