Law Enforcement Experience

  • Promoted to Undersheriff of DuPage County Sheriff's Office

    Awarded the coveted Protector of Children Award by the Illinois State Crime Commission

  • Promoted to Colonel, Operation Commander

    Frank became an active member of

    • DuPage County Senior Police Managers
    • DuPage County Chiefs of Police
    • American Corrections Association

  • Promoted to Major while still assigned as Detective Commander of OPS

    Frank retained Office of Professional Standards while serving as Patrol Commander of Patrol Operations. In this role, he oversaw:

    • Patrol
    • Community Resource Unit
    • K9
    • School Resource Officers
    • SWAT co-leader
    • CALEA and ACA accreditation team member

    Frank spearheaded the Epi Pen auto injector program for the Office.

  • Promoted to Staff Sergeant and assigned as Detective Commander

    Frank managed several homicide investigations and other very serious crimes. He also managed the 25 yr old Wesseleman cold case homicide, leading to a successful capture and arrest. Frank instituted a countywide heroin overdose tracking system. Frank led the multi-jurisdictional security team for the six-day 2012 Ryder Cup. Approximately 250,000 people attended the event with no major issues reported.
     As Detective Division Commander, Frank led:

    • TNT undercover multi-jurisdictional narcotics task force
    • the forensic investigations unit
    • General Case detectives
    • SR-22 tactical unit
    • two detectives assigned to the US Marshals Great Lakes Regional Fugitive Task Force
    • a detective assigned as a task force officer to ICE.

  • Promoted to Sergeant in Office of Professional Standards

  • Assigned as Director of Professional Standards and Conduct

    Frank conducted all internal investigations, tracked use of force, tracked office discipline, oversaw the outside employment program, and acted as internship coordinator. This assignment provided him with the unique ability to operate in all three Bureaus and gave Frank the valuable understanding of the Sheriff’s office outside of the Law Enforcement Bureau. In this role, Frank assisted with and conducted public corruption investigations.

  • Promoted to Detective

    Lead investigator on the Hassan homicide and assisted with the Kiefer homicide in November and December 2006 respectively.

  • Voted Employee of the Year

    Frank served with the Illinois ILEAS contingent in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.

  • Assigned into Patrol Division

    After passing the law enforcement bureau test, Frank moves into the Patrol Division where he worked both midnights and day shifts and began his swift and steady rise through leadership ranks.  He served on the SWAT team as a command post operator.  Wins Employee of the Month twice.

  • Started in the Corrections Bureau

Started with the Office in the Correction Bureau

Voted “Employee of the Month” twice while in corrections.


Tested and hired to the Patrol Division

Worked both midnights and day shifts. I was on the SWAT team as a command post operator. Handled all types of calls. While in patrol I was voted employee of the month once and employee of the year in 2005. Served with the Illinois ILEAS contingent in New Orleans in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina.